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Best of The Sauce Vol. 01 .:. Episode 147

The first of a series of our best conversations and moments over the first 3 years on the Internet. We go all the way back to Episode One, relive the first time we met Scott Bernstein (Fugitive Recovery Agent), travel with Dandy Aaron D to the Marlboro Ranch, and learn about carp candy from Ax Nasty on the Fishing Hole. Finally, the day we revealed what half the people do on this planet that the other half has no idea they are doing.

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Episode 61 ..::.. Fugitive Recovery Agent

The organizers of the wildly popular Nasty-Money Invitational golf tournament sit in studio to talk about preparations for this year’s event, the shock of first-time parenthood, why Scott Bernstein is the new Chuck Norris, how you can avoid a group raccoon attack, and much more. Hot time, summer in the city!

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