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Episode 50 ..::.. Ain’t We Lucky We Got ‘Em

Media Stu returns after a two week hiatus to find a remodeled FingerLakes1.com Studio. In this, our first and only 50th episode, we take a look back at episodes past and discuss potential seedings for a television sit-com bracket challenge. Have a watch. Have a listen.

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the recorded video webcast of our latest episode at FingerLakes1.TV.

Episode 06 ..::.. 110% Focused With A Carefree Attitude

This week in The Sauce… we welcome another guest to the podcast. Scotty V is in the studio with the claim to fame of being a one-time #2 McDonald’s fried products employee in the world. He also owns a unique Wayne Gretzky autograph that has been submitted to Pawn Stars. There’s some other stuff, but this one is mostly Scotty V giving 110% with a carefree attitude.

McDonald's #2 Fried Products Employee

Direct Link to Download: the-sauce-episode06-2011-0620.mp3 (92.06 mb, 01:03:56)

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