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Sgt. Sue Pluretti on retirement from Seneca Falls PD .::. Weber This Week 2/4/19

After more than 24 years of serving her hometown as a police officer, Sgt. Sue Pluretti retired from service last week. On Monday, she is in-studio to talk about her career in police work, on being the first-ever female police officer in Seneca Falls, and what she plans to do with all her new found free time.


Big win for Syracuse at Duke & honoring Sue Hawker .::. Kenny’s 2 Pennies 1/15/19

This week Kenny Haas relishes in Syracuse’s win against top-ranked Duke in Durham and honors Seneca Falls’ first female police officer, Sue Hakwer, as she prepares for retirement.


Stu Peenstra & Tim Snyder of Seneca Falls Police Department .::. Weber This Week 11/5/18

Join your host Harold Weber on the newest episode of Weber This Week where he is joined by Chief of Police Stu Peenstra and Lieutenant Tim Snyder of the Seneca Falls Police Department to discuss the latest things going on with SFPD, the public image of law enforcement officers and two people who recently had their lives saved by SFPD officers.


Town of Seneca Falls Police Department’s Stu Peenstra & Tim Snyder .::. Weber This Week 8/28/17

Town of Seneca Falls Chief of Police Stu Peenstra and Lieutenant Tim Snyder are in-studio to talk about the latest happenings in their department and the impact of del Lago Resort & Casino on crime in Seneca Falls among a variety of other topics.