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Discussing the Three Bears Complex & Ovid Library .::. Sunday Conversation 7/4/19

This week on a special Independence Day edition of Sunday Conversation – two of South Seneca’s strongest advocates step into the studio to talk about the Edith B. Ford Memorial Library, The Three Bears Complex, Downtown Ovid, and how the three are using collaboration to grow well-beyond the village of Ovid’s borders. The future site of South Seneca’s very own tourism hub will play host to an interactive event coming up on July 13th called ‘Escape the Courtroom’. It’s just one of the events that is a joint-effort between the Friends of the Three Bears, and the Edith B. Ford Memorial Library.

Phyllis Motill, president of Friends of the Three Bears; and Shannon O’Connor, Edith B. Ford Memorial Library Director discuss the ways the two entities collaborate, how community involvement is quintessential to maintaining South Seneca’s growth, and what the future looks like.

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Discussing the impact of libraries in rural settings .::. Inside the FLX 12/23/18

Have you ever wondered what your community would look like without a public library? Odds are if you live in a rural community – like many in the Finger Lakes – your local library serves as much more than just a place to get books. But times have changed, and people don’t consume reading material like they once did. So what are libraries accomplishing? A lot. They serve as centers for activity for rural communities, and our panel discusses the impact these places have on the communities they serve.

Shannon O’Connor, director of the Edith B. Ford Memorial Library in Ovid, and Chelsea Hastings, director of the Interlaken Public Library were in-studio discussing these questions and much more on Episode #156 of Inside the FLX.