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Kenny’s statement on COVID-19 .::. Kenny’s 2 Pennies 3/16/20

For Kenny’s final episode of season 12, he addresses his public on St. Patrick’s Day to issue his own personal statement on the coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic that has brought day-to-day life in our country to a halt. Kenny Haas will be back in late August for season 13 of Kenny’s 2 Pennies. Until then, stay safe!


Feeling springy and Irish in the Finger Lakes .::. FLX Weekly with Jessica Lahr 3/13/19

It is finally starting to feel like spring is in the air this week in the Finger Lakes and just in time for St. Patrick’s Day Weekend! We’ll fill you in on where to go to get your fill of Irish cuisine and revelry in the region on this week’s edition of FLX Weekly with Jessica Lahr.


St. Patrick’s Day Weekend Edition .::. FLX Weekly 3/14/18

More winter weather is delaying the start of spring, which officially begins next week in the Finger Lakes, but spirits should still be high with St. Patrick’s Day coming up on Saturday. Join Sydney Rogers, Jim Sinicropi & Josh Durso to find out some local options for finding Irish cheer, get the details on our coverage of Midlakes girls basketball at the state final four, March Madness is underway, and more bear sightings in the region.


Congratulations Romulus & Missing Antonina's .::. 3/18/14

This week, Kenny congratulates the State Champion Romulus Lady Warriors. Also, a look ahead at Syracuse’s road in the NCAA Tournament and missing a St. Patrick’s Day tradition in Seneca Falls this year.

Trapped in Mayor McCheese .::. Episode 140

On a special St. Patrick’s Day evening edition of The Sauce Pod we discuss the origins of the day’s namesake,remember the members of the McDonaldland community, learn how a women tricked a 14 year old boy into viewing nude photos of his own mother, and find out Abraham Lincoln’s favorite joke. Also, did Courtney Love just find the missing Malaysian Airlines jet?

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Episode 21 ..::.. Eleven Lakes Winery in Studio

Join Amanda and Tiffany as they talk to Matt Jones owner and operator of Eleven Lakes Winery in Canoga on the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail. Also, some safety tips for the St. Patty’s Day holiday coming up!

Episode 44 ..::.. The Corning Process

The Corning process of beef as originated in Corning, NY. How exactly is it done, and why is it so delicious. Did you hear about the gorilla that was on the loose at a Buffalo zoo on Monday afternoon? Take the Cinnamon Challenge and spend an hour or so in the Sauce.

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