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Steve Bucknam, Darrell Ewing ..::.. Crash Course Podcast #264

We connect with Steve Bucknam. Bucknam and Crash Course will reunite in Topeka to cover Capital City Carnage on DerbyNation. We will touch on the dynamics of Topeka, where he worked at Blizzard Bash, and his summer schedule. We shift gears to talk to JWC’s Darrell Ewing, entered in the $10,000-to-win Limited Weld Class at CCC.

Sturgis Recap ..::.. Episode 18

We recap the Redneck Rumble event with Brandon Dixon, and then check in with Crash603 regarding the livestream content offered by DerbyTees.TV from Redneck Rumble.

Results: Redneck Rumble 2014
Pro Mod
1.Logan Duvall
2.Adam Williams
3.Nathan Brown
4.Leslie Chism
5. Travor Jones

1.Chris Stepro
2.Robbie Vest
3.Bill Miller
4.Trevor Pedtke
5.Eric Wright

Smash It
1.Mike Tosco
2.Corey Parrish
3.Michael Holmes
4.Kane Smith
5.Jason Faught

Old Skool
1.Heath Rush
2.Chad Stoll
3.Kenneth Watson Jr
4.Jason Adkins
5.Casey Kennedy

Change is afoot in Brookville ..::.. Episode 3

This week, Steve Bucknam of SB Motorsports Announcing and the voice of the Keystone Nationals, comes on to discuss his summer season, upcoming trip to the carribean with Tim Dyson FMX. Then, we welcome Keystone Nationals promoter Bo Lockwood to the program via the DerbyParts.com hotline.