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Best of The Sauce Vol. II .::. Episode 149

Step into the Sauce Pod time machine with clips from Episodes 8, 49, 63, 74 and 123. Clips that feature such legendary Sauce Pod guests as Hunting Dog. Tiny Danger, Zack Supernova and Shimboshi. We also hit the road and come up at you live from Red’s Place in downtown Seneca Falls for a look back at an epic taco-eating contest. Have a listen…

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Episode 69 ..::.. New York Fat & Chunky

Why Ben & Jerry are suing someone for doing what they do best, the real hero in a thwarted bank robbery attempt in Pittsburgh, a $737,000 fish, and the deliciousness that ensues when you cross an apricot with a plum. Break out the tacos, Dion Waiters is comin’ over for dinner!
Sauce Pod Episode #69
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Episode 58 ..::.. Hola Super Amigo

Rocco’s Tacos up in the studio as Rocco himself delivers a feast courtesy of Red’s Place in downtown Seneca Falls. Topics of discussion include Zimbabwe’s ugliest man, cats and birds living together, a superhero protecting Lima, Peru and why more people die in bathtubs than perish in traffic accidents in Japan. Join us for an hour or so in studio for our 58th.
Hola Super Amigo
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Episode 20 ..::.. You Got To Rise Up

This week, in the historic 20th episode of The Sauce Podcast, it’s a good old fashioned taco eating contest! Join Media Stu, Dandy Aaron D, Tony Sometimes, Anonymous Taco Girl, and eventually, Saucey Joe in the stu-stu-studio to see who can rise up and capture the taco title. Worst episode yet? YOU be the judge.

Episode 20 ..::.. You Got To Rise Up

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Taco Eating Contest Photos at Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.293030464…

Links Mentioned In This Episode:

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.::. Lumber Liquidators  http://www.lumberliquidators.com/
.::. Malone Man Gets Prison in ‘Hit Man’ Plot  http://pressrepublican.com/0100_news/x857340/Malon…
.::. Super (IMDb)  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1512235/