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Finger Lakes Lunachicks .::. Episode 80

The Finger Lakes Luna Chicks are in studio with the Lake to Lake Girls! The last bout is on Saturday at the Lyons Community Center starting at 7! It will be broadcast on FingerLakes1.tv! Check it out!

Bon Voyage .::. Episode 77

Amanda and Tiffany have been at it for two years and today they are looking back at their favorite episodes and why! And stay tuned at the end for a sad but special announcement!

Keuka Brewing Company .::. FLX Made

Meet the owners of the original Finger Lakes micro-brewery. Richard Musso and his son Mark, who is the head brewer, join Tiffany Collinsworth to talk about the variety of award winning beer they produce at their Hammondsport brewery, why they are expanding, and where you can find their product right here in the Finger Lakes.

1961 Vodka .::. FLX Made

Teresa Parsons of 1961 Vodka is in-studio to talk about the new spirit distilled in King Ferry, NY on Wednesday, May 7, 2014.

Victor’s Stonehurst Brands LLC Launches 1961 Vodka

Created by former Seneca Falls residents,1961 Vodka is a Nod to the Classic Era.

Rochester, N.Y. (April 14, 2014) — Newly established Victor-based Stonehurst Brands LLC is pleased to announce that it has launched its first product, 1961 Vodka. The ultra-premium vodka is produced from Finger Lakes grown soft, white wheat and carefully handcrafted in small batches. It is distilled in King Ferry, Cayuga County, five times and bottled by hand to ensure a clean, crisp, quality taste and smooth finish.

Former Seneca Falls residents Chris and Teresa Parsons joined three other families to form Stonehurst Brands LLC, which is producing 1961 Vodka, after becoming discouraged that vodka had lost its “classic” taste.

“We were at a neighborhood gathering and were discussing how most vodka is now artificially flavored — from bubblegum, cupcake and even bacon,” said Lisa Ginther, Stonehurst Brands LLC partner. “The idea to create a high quality, clean, crisp, vodka made in America was born.”

1961 Vodka is distilled in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. Rich glacial soils and pure artesian waters with a perfect mineral balance ensure a quality taste and smooth finish for the elegant spirit.

“1961 was a single year, but in a way, it was an era all its own. It was a simpler time, with classic tastes,” said Chris Parsons, Stonehurst Brands LLC partner. “Many historic milestones were met in 1961: the homerun race between Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris, the first American in space, Kennedy becoming president. The legendary entertainers of the time were Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack, Marilyn Monroe, and Elvis Presley. Having our brand represent this classic era is the perfect fit.”

Where to Find 1961 Vodka
1961 Vodka comes in one liter bottles for $26.99-$29.99 and is distributed by Opici Family Distributing. It is available for purchase at retail outlets and restaurants throughout the state. In the Finger Lakes area, it can be found at DA’s Liquor Store, Pedulla’s Liquor Store, Halsey’s Restaurant, The Cobblestone Restaurant, Belhurst Castle, Geneva on the Lake and several Ithaca establishments. A complete listing can be found in the “Find Us” section at www.1961vodka.com. For event listings, visit https://www.facebook.com/1961vodka.

About Stonehurst Brands, LLC
Stonehurst Brands LLC was established in 2012 and launched its first product, 1961 Vodka, in 2014. A nod to the classic era of 1961, the ultra-premium vodka is produced from Finger Lakes-grown soft white wheat and carefully handcrafted in small batches, distilled five times and bottled by hand to ensure a clean, crisp, quality taste and smooth finish.

Episode 10 ..::.. End of the World?

Join Amanda and Tiffany as they discuss the end of the world propaganda and why we think it’s poppycock. Also, talking about what’s on our bucket list and if the world should end what would we do with our last days. Not to mention, you can check out a video of It’s A Wonderful Run 5K from the point of view of Amanda from last weekend in Seneca Falls!

Episode 08 ..::.. Ghost in the Elevator

Amanda and Tiffany are back in studio to talk about our Turkey day, wine tours, our crazy insane weekends and a Brazilian TV show that is absolutely hilarious is being sued! Ugh, people!! Stay tuned today’s shows completely unpredictable.

Episode 07 ..::.. Skanksgiving

Join Amanda and Tiffany as they discuss Thanksgiving and what they are thankful for as well as sex toy parties, fifty shades of grey, and worst dates.

Episode 04 ..::.. Happy Halloween, Women Are Crazy

Join Amanda and Tiffany as they discuss old memories, Halloween, and how women are just plain crazy. Also, be sure to join in next week as we hope to have a representative from Finger Lakes Grape Seed Oil in studio with a new product right from the Finger Lakes just making headway on the scene.

This week’s audio .mp3 is unavailable…

Episode 03 ..::.. Halloween, Dating & Babies

Join Amanda and Tiffany this week as they discuss Halloween from candy, costumes to old stories, as well as discussing date night ideas that won’t break the bank in the Finger Lakes and more.

Episode 02 ..::.. Muranda Farms Cheese Co.

Tonight Amanda and Tiffany spoke to Tom Murray with Muranda Cheese Company. Listen to learn how you can win a fantastic Muranda Cheese Gift Basket (contest info is near the 1 hour mark).  Check out Muranda Farms for yourself, they have an open house scheduled for  November 17th. Visit Muranda.com for more information. Join us for an hour as we talk and taste wine and cheese.

We apologize for the lower quality of this week’s video version of the episode.