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Christmas Wish Lists with Scott Cook, Wade Sikkink and Scot Wallace ..::.. Episode 10

Ten episodes in, we make out our Holiday Wish Lists with Scott Cook from Tuff Stuff Derby Parts, Scot Wallace at Smashmasters and Wade Sikkink at DerbyParts.com.

Derby Parts


Tuff Stuff Derby Parts



Crash Course Podcast Premiere ..::.. Episode 1

In our premier episode, we talk about the story of the summer in Central New York with Josh Decker, one of those involved in the legendary fight at Yates County in July.

From there, we talk to Yates County 2013 Champion Austin Manciocchi, and chat with both Decker and Manciocchi about the new rules implemented for the Keuka Clash, scheduled for July 8, 2014.

We also catch up with Wade Sikkink with DerbyParts.com to discus the national spectrum and what direction the sport is going: toward weld shows, or back toward stock events.