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Sherman, Macrabie, Road Rage Entertainment ..::.. Crash Course Podcast #257

Jason Sherman and Randy Macrabie join us in studio to talk about the second iteration of Road Rage Entertainment, and their derby June 1 at Whitney Point’s Broome County Fairgrounds.

Caledonia Crash and Jam, Trumbull Co. ..::.. Crash Course #139

This week, we take a look at the county fair level as both Livingston County Fair (Caledonia, NY) and Trumbull County Fair in Ohio prepare for action Saturday. Kenny Swingle and Andy Wolfanger come in and talk about the Caledonia Crash and Jam Festival, a reboot of the Livingston County Fair’s derby card with a little twist to the build and a change of date. Trumbull dicussion will be led by Jeremy Hejduk of DerbyDog Productions.

Independence Day, Back in the Studio, Joey St. Mary ..::.. Crash Course #138

This week, we have a free form Tuesday episode as we come back from vacation. This week, we have a free form Tuesday episode as we come back from vacation. We also catch up with Joey St. Mary about the upcoming events in Malone, NY during the Franklin County Fair.

Mayhem and More: Whaley, Benjamin ..::.. Crash Course #137

This week, we roll out some new projects, and discuss Metal Mayhem 2016 with winner Vic Whaley Jr, and then talk with CNY regular Mark Benjamin, who won his fifth straight stock class feature at the annual Bath Father’s Day show. This year, the show was held under new leadership, and dubbed the Summer Smash.

Wreckless Warriors Recap, KOOS Preview ..::.. Crash Course #98

We welcome 2015 Wreckless Warrior Tour Champion Cory Roman to discuss his title-winning campaign. Then, we talk with lead tech inspector Chris Firster about the rigorous 2015 season. We finish with a preview of the Kings of Old School, livestreamed right here on Fingerlakes1.tv this weekend, and cap it talking with Tommy Woodbury about his run to the win in Hopkinton, VT’s $7,500 state championship.

FLX Weekly with Jessica Lahr for 6/10 – 6/14/15

Jessica will let you know if we’re in for more rain this weekend and recap all the top stories of the week on the 2nd edition of FLX Weekly for the month of June 2015. Also, some fantastic local photos including a gallery from the gorge at Watkins Glen State Park and a preview of a big weekend on the Seneca Lake Wine Trail.

Kings of Old School Recap .::. Crash Course #87

Kings of Old School winner Johnathan Furr joins us by phone, and we welcome Brett Relyea in studio. We then talk with Sam Williams about what Ultimate Derby has been up to.

Kings of Old School .::. Crash Course Live on 6/6/15

Replay of FingerLakes1.TV’s live webcast of the entire 2015 Kings of Old School demolition derby card in Whitney Point, NY. 2 pm start with Demo Drags and Powerwheels, full size and compact qualifying heats, junk run, 80s Kicker Class, and consolations and the compact and full size features! Crash Course would like to thank E2 Demolition Sliders for helping make this show possible.

Imperials Only ..::.. Episode 6

This week, we put the focus of the Crash Course on Imperials; why they’re so hated, so loved, and so much fun to drive. Fulton Night of Fire and Destruction winner Josh Buell joins Broome County Modified Division winner Rich Predmore, Josh Decker, Eric Remington and our hosts for an hour-long Imperial bonanza.