The Future of the Classroom (Part I) .::. Inside the FLX 6/20/19

What does the future of learning in public schools look like? Well, a number of teachers and administrators in local districts are evaluating this very question. “The Future of the Classroom” is a two part series dedicated to answering the question, based on the countless interviews conducted in the Studio on the subject.

This week, we hear from the following stakeholders and leaders:

– Bob McKeveney, Outgoing Seneca Falls CSD Superintendent;
– Jeramy Clingerman, Incoming Seneca Falls CSD Superintendent;
– Stephen Zielinski, South Seneca CSD Superintendent;
– Jim Bruni, Administrator of Business & Operations at SFCSD;
– Amy Hibbard, Prinicpal at Elizabeth Cady Stanton Elementary School; and
– Jodie Very, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment and Professional Development at SFCSD.

We walk through their perspective on public schools with a focus on those in rural parts of the region. Listen to the podcast below, or follow it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or the App.